Grow avocado

It is easy to grow avocado, what you need is a lot of patience and love.

grow avocado by Yukié Matsushita

First, cut avocado in half, take out the seed,

washing avocado by Yukié Matsushita

and then wash it.

grow avocado by Yukié Matsushita

Pierce toothpicks around the seed so it can sit half above the water.

Place it in a warm place indirect sunlight and keep watered.
It takes 5-7 weeks to germinate in Paris.
The root will grow first, if it doesn’t 
germinate, try with another seed.

grow avocado by Yukié Matsushita

  Another way is actually easier.
Forget the toothpicks, and just put the seed in a plant pot.

Place it in the warm place with indirect sunlight.
Keep avocado watered but don’t let the soil be so moist that it looks like mud.
Never let the soil dry.
Avocado will sprout in 6 - 8 weeks.

grow avocado by Yukié Matsushita

Many times I thought the avocado would not sprout, but it does.
It just takes VERY long time especially if you are planting it in Paris...