S, T, U, V with Notcha

Cat in a bag by Yukié Matsushita
S comme un sac.
Notcha fouille dans un sac.

A bag.
Notcha goes through a bag.
Cat and telephone by Yukié Matsushita

T comme un téléphone.
Notcha entend le téléphone.

A telephone.
Notcha hears the telephone.

Cat in an uniform by Yukié Matsushita

U comme un uniforme.
Notcha porte un uniforme.

An uniform.
Notcha is wearing an uniform.

Cat is on a suitcase by Yukié Matsushita
V comme une valise.
Notcha est sur une valise.

A suitcase.
Notcha is on a suitcase.


N, O, P, Q, R with Notcha

Cat walking in a snow by Yukié Matsushita
N comme la neige.
Notcha marche dans la neige.

The snow. 
Notcha walks in the snow.

A cat and a bird by Yukié Matsushita
O comme un oiseau.
Notcha regarde un oiseau.

A bird. 
Notcha is looking at a bird.

Cat and an umbrella by Yukié Matsushita
P comme un parapluie.
Notcha est sous un parapluie.

An umbrella. 
Notcha is under an umbrella.

Cat and a quiche by Yukié Matsushita

Q comme une quiche.
Notcha veut manger de la quiche.

A quiche 
Notcha wants to eat some quiche.

Cat wearing a dress by Yukié Matsushita
R comme une robe.
Notcha porte une robe.

A dress 
Notcha is wearing a dress.


I,J, K, L, M with Notcha

Cat at the beach by Yukié Matsushita
I comme une île.
Notcha est sur une île.

An island.
Notcha is on an island.

Cat playing with toys by Yukié Matsushita

J comme des jouets.Notcha s'amuse avec des jouets.

Some toys.
Notcha is playing with toys.

Cat wearing a kepi by Yukié Matsushita

K comme un képi.
Notcha porte un képi.

A kepi - French military cap.
Notcha is wearing a kepi.

Cat wearing glasses by Yukié Matsushita
L comme des lunettes.
Notcha porte des lunettes.

The glasses.
Notcha is wearing glasses.

Cat looking at herself in a mirror by Yukié Matsushita
M comme un miroir.
Notcha se regarde dans un miroir.

A mirror.
Notcha is looking at herself in a mirror.


E, F, G, H with Notcha

Cat wearing a scarf by Yukié Matsushita
E comme une écharpe.
Notcha porte une écharpe

A scarf.
Notcha is wearing a scarf.

Cat and an ant by Yukié Matsushita
F comme une fourmi.
 Une fourmi est sur le nez de Notcha. 

An ant.
An ant is on Notcha's nose.

Cat and a birthday cake by Yukié Matsushita

G comme un gâteau.
Notcha aime le gâteau

A cake.
Notcha loves cake.

Cat and a porcupine by Yukié Matsushita
H comme un hérisson.
Notcha devient amie avec un hérisson

A porcupine.
Notcha becomes friends with a porcupine.


A, B, C, D with Notcha

Here are the first illustrations of "ABC+Phonétique"!

Voici les premières illustrations de "ABC+Phonétique" !

Cat playing by Yukié Matsushita

A comme des allumettes.
Notcha fait des bêtises.

The matches.
Notcha is being naughty.

Cat in a box by Yukié Matsushita

B comme une boîte.
Notcha est dans une boîte.

A box.
Notcha is in a box.

Cat wearing a necktie by Yukié Matsushita
C comme une cravate.
Notcha porte une cravate.

A necktie.
Notcha is wearing a necktie.

Cat holding a flag by Yukié Matsushita

D comme un drapeau.
Notcha tiens un drapeau.

A flag.
Notcha is holding a flag.