About ABC Paris

ABC Paris by Yukié Matsushita

Preview of the first few pages of the "ABC Paris" book.

Do you love Paris?

"ABC Paris" is a delightfully illustrated book about the City of Light, which shows great Parisian monuments - one for each letter of the alphabet- from A to Z through a fresh and innovative view from the windows of private apartments. It is an enchanting invitation to Gallic life.

Each page of "ABC Paris" is not only a beautiful work of art but also a veritable guide, which imparts the rich history of each monument through short texts.

Are you learning the French language? 

"ABC Paris" is useful in learning some basics by introducing a unique color method to help memorize the gender of French nouns. Words are instantly recognizable as masculine or feminine because they are color-coded : blue for masculine and red for feminine. The illustrations on the opposite page are colored in bluish tone for masculine, and reddish tones for feminine words. It is possible to learn well over 100 French nouns with the memory method. 

"ABC Paris" is the perfect book for Francophiles who are as curious about "La Ville Lumière" as they are about "La langue française". 

"ABC Paris" is both an educational and charming book. It is also a unique souvenir or gift.

- Images by Yukié Matsushita - Texts by Michelle Gross

- "ABC Paris" comes autographed by the artist if purchased from the limited edition. If the book is to be dedicated, please send the requested text with the order,

- Book size: 20 cm x 25,5 cm (7.8"x 10") 

- Softcover 250g cm - matte lamination

- 60 pages - inside pages 135g cm semi gloss finish

- Perfect binding 

- Limited edition of 500 books

- Printed in France

- ISBN 979-10-95585-00-8

Order one "ABC Paris" book or more from the limited edition and you will receive a 6.25”x 8,5” (16 cm x 21,5 cm) printed illustration of "La Tour Eiffel, Un escargot, Un éléphant" with each shipment. Printed with professional durable pigment ink on acid-free watercolor paper (200g/m2). 

The book and the print will be carefully packaged flat with cardboard and shipped from France between one and three business days after receipt of payment.

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You can also purchase fine art quality prints of the "ABC Paris" pages from A to Z.