Healthy soil

gardening by Yukié Matsushita

The best time to plant tomatoes, peas, green beans, zucchinis, etc. is in late spring/early summer when the lowest temperature of the day is at least 10°C (50ºF). (Someone said 10 - 14 days after the last frost day.) 

I am getting ready to plant some lettuces in my garden soon. 

I am mixing organic fertilizers and compost so the soil will have more nutrients for vegetables. 

The foundation of good gardening is to have healthy soil.

Good soil = Good plants

healthy soil by Yukié Matsushita

I took a note from various gardening sources. 
So this is what healthy soil is made of; 45% Mineral matter, 25% air, 25% water, and 5% organic. 




Morigolds by Yukié Matsushita

On YouTube, I found Gardener Scott. He gives some advice to a beginner gardener. One of the advice he gave was that to be a gardener, you have to be patient. 

There is timing for everything. 
Time to sow, plant, water, harvest, etc. 

Spring is here, but it is still cold. 
In France, the frost is damaging fruit trees now. 
This is not the time to plant outdoor. 
My friend, Hervé, planted two tomato plants in his greenhouse. He thought that they would be fine from frost, but one of them has died. 

One of our neighbors has a big beautiful vegetable garden. Every year I admire it. They plant different flowers with vegetables, so the garden looks pretty. 
They don't plant anything until May. 
I want to copy them. I will not plant anything in my garden until my neighbors do. 

As a beginner, I will learn from the expert gardeners, the experiences of others, and my own experiments.

seedling by Yukié Matsushita

I thought bright orange flowers would be attractive to bees and birds. So I planted Marigolds seeds in the egg box. 

As waiting for the right day to plant, I am planting seeds indoors. 
I am amused to see tiny seed germs. 


Happy Easter

Happy Easter Monday!

My vegetable garden is ready; however, it is still too early to plant. 
So, I am waiting for the right timing. 

I planted some tomato and pea seeds indoors.
I might end up buying small tomato plants in the end, but I decided to try planting the seeds just for my garden experience. 

The paper egg box is a good seed starter pot. 

My first garden lesson 101.
It's IMPORTANT to read a seed packet thoroughly.
All the information you need is written on the package.

- Plant name/picture
- Company name
- Plant description, traits, characteristics
- Price, weight, quantity
- Dates packed for/sell by
- When to sow and transplant
- Planing depth and seed spacing
- Days to germination
- Days to maturity
- Harvest time
- Level of difficulty 

It was common sense to read the instructions, but I admit that I never paid attention to it until now.