Happy Easter

Happy Easter Monday!

My vegetable garden is ready; however, it is still too early to plant. 
So, I am waiting for the right timing. 

I planted some tomato and pea seeds indoors.
I might end up buying small tomato plants in the end, but I decided to try planting the seeds just for my garden experience. 

The paper egg box is a good seed starter pot. 

My first garden lesson 101.
It's IMPORTANT to read a seed packet thoroughly.
All the information you need is written on the package.

- Plant name/picture
- Company name
- Plant description, traits, characteristics
- Price, weight, quantity
- Dates packed for/sell by
- When to sow and transplant
- Planing depth and seed spacing
- Days to germination
- Days to maturity
- Harvest time
- Level of difficulty 

It was common sense to read the instructions, but I admit that I never paid attention to it until now. 


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