Hello again


garden tools by Yukié Matsushita

"We must cultivate our garden." — Voltaire

My garden tools.

Hello again, 
The last few years have been quite different because of moving and renovating a country house and a new apartment. Then previous year, Coronavirus hit worldwide, and that changed quite many things. 

Since 2012, I have been participating in a few art shows, and this time of the year, I would be busy preparing some illustrations for exhibitions. But that's all in pause now. At the moment, another lockdown in Paris.

It's now over one year that we live in an uncertain situation. Many people started to get some vaccinations, but still, we have to stay vigilant. We have to be careful not to catch the virus nor propagate it. 

I hired a marketing coach Neni, and she recommended that I post on Instagram, so I abanded blogging and started to post on Instagram. However, the blog of my friend Sarah Galloway inspires me to blog again. 

During this pandemic, we are staying in our country house in Loches instead of Paris. 
I am having a hard time focusing on my projects. 

What motivates me now is "gardening." And that's what I am inspired to draw. I am making a 240cmx370cm (7.9' x 12') rectangular vegetable garden. Right now, just digging and getting rid of weeds. I am new to gardening, so I like to take notes about it. 

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