N, O, P, Q, R with Notcha

Cat walking in a snow by Yukié Matsushita
N comme la neige.
Notcha marche dans la neige.

The snow. 
Notcha walks in the snow.

A cat and a bird by Yukié Matsushita
O comme un oiseau.
Notcha regarde un oiseau.

A bird. 
Notcha is looking at a bird.

Cat and an umbrella by Yukié Matsushita
P comme un parapluie.
Notcha est sous un parapluie.

An umbrella. 
Notcha is under an umbrella.

Cat and a quiche by Yukié Matsushita

Q comme une quiche.
Notcha veut manger de la quiche.

A quiche 
Notcha wants to eat some quiche.

Cat wearing a dress by Yukié Matsushita
R comme une robe.
Notcha porte une robe.

A dress 
Notcha is wearing a dress.


  1. una roba rouge? I love these drawings! Brava!

  2. Don't drop any quiche on that pretty little robe of yours, Notcha!