Pita Pizza

Pita bread is a round pocket flat bread from Middle Eastern and
Mediterrean cuisine. It is very easy and quick to make a Pizza with.
It is delicious and perfect for lunch or snack.


 You can make any kind of Pizza.
Here are my favorite Ingredients; Pita Pizza Royal.

• Pita bread
• Tomato sauce
• Grated cheese
• 1 merguez (spicy sausage) or perperoni
•  Feta cheese
• Capers
• Onion (thinly sliced)
• 1 egg
• Olives
• Basil leaves
• Tabasco or hot chili oil

Pita breads are inexpensive.
(In Paris, you can buy a package of 5 Pita breads for 1 euros or less.)
Pita bread is lighter than Pizza dough so it is dietary.

1. Spread some tomato sauce on a Pita bread.

2. Sprinkle some grated cheese.

3. Put some thin slices of onion.

 4. Put a few capers.

5. Cut merguez (Spicy sausage) in pieces and put them on the pizza.

6. Put some feta cheese.      

7. Put two or three olives.

8. Put a few basil leaves on the pizza. 

9. At last, crack one egg on the center of Pizza.
(This makes a very soft egg, but if you like the egg to be well done,
cook the egg little bit before putting on the pizza.)

10. Put the pita pizza in the oven and grill it for 8-9 mins.

Voilà, a quick and easy pita pizza.

A few drops of tabasco or hot chili oil and a glass of red wine make
 a Pita Pizza Royal perfect!

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  1. After having tested (two time) this recipe, here is my feedback.
    The oven temperature is 220 degrees with a mixed program "convection" + "grill" for 15 minutes, My oven is not a great oven.
    I use a can of tomato puree but i "drain" it and i add
    harrissa and add garlic powder.
    Thank for your recipe.