"L'equilibre des forces dans une forme déterminée."
(Blancing the forces in a defined form.)

"Le déssin est le fruit d'une rigoureuse division entre le clair et le foncé."
(The drawing is a fruit of a rigorous division between the light and the dark."

This week, I started "Drawing/Painting" class at "Mairie de Paris". These are quotations which I see on the studio wall. 

This is my third year taking Yanne Auguin's class. Yanne has a penchant for an abstract art. My work is not at all abstract so Yanne pushes me to go beyond the work of "representation"... 
It is very interesting what she teaches. It is difficult to comprehend or picture abstract art, but it is intriguing. 

First year I could not understand it very well. 
Last year, maybe I understood a little bit. 
This year I want to understand more about it. 

Not that my work will become abstract one day, but who knows? 

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