Busy February

This month I had a few freelance graphic work. 

Golden Gate Bridge by Yukié Matsushita

My friend Julie was working on the website: www.goldengate.org/tolls/
I helped her with some graphic elements on the web pages. 

Grüssgott.net / ParisMarais.com by Yukié Matsushita
designed Grüssgott.net logo for ParisMarais.com

Charlot The Cat / ParisMarais.com by Yukié Matsushita

And also rebooking the ParisMarais.com ad for the website of EyePreferParis.com

Black History Month 2013 / Ellen Kountz by Yukié Matsushita

I designed a flyer "Black History Month 2013"
for Ellen Kountz's lecture at Dorothy's Gallery in Paris. 

put her presentation for summer collections 2013. 

And also my dear friend Mary Morgan 
came to visit me in Paris for a few days!

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