Preparation for Art Exhibition

Fayencerie de Chédigny by Yukié Matsushita
This week, I went to Chédigny to help Jean Luneau set up our coming art show. Chédigny is a small village in Loire Valley, 250 km south of Paris, 20 km north of the medieval town Loches. This is where my dear friend Hervé got married to his wife Tang and had a family house for many generations. I have been going there as a part of his family for over 20 years. It is a lovely village where many artists and musicians live. This year Jean Luneau invited me to exhibit my work in his gallery. 

Enterance of "La Faïencerie Dessins et cœtera". 
3 rue de Flandre 37310 CHEDIGNY

Jean Luneau by Yukié Matsushita

Jean Luneau hanging some of my work. 

Jean Luneau published a book called "Une Kumpania", éditions Photo en Touraine last year. The book is about his meeting with gypsy people. 

Last November when Jean, Brigitte, Sylvie and Jean-François came to visit Paris from Chédigny, we all went to see the "Bohèmes" exhibition at Grand Palais. The painting "L'Absinthe" by Edgar Degas triggered Jean to talk about his collections of "cuillers à absinthe" and how people used to melt a sugar cube with slow dripping water from the "fontaine" to dilute the absinthe.
Absinthe is a very strong alcohol made of anise and various herbs. It was a popular drink among bohemian culture in Europe until early 20th century. 

Cuilleure à Absinthe by Yukié Matsushita
Two spoons of absinthe, gift from Jean Luneau. 

Merci beaucoup pour les cadeaux ! 

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