Café Le Saint-Amour

Café rare by Yukié Matsushita

Le Saint-Amour 
(Bar - Brasserie - Tabac)

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
Lunch from 12 pm - 4 pm

When Annie saw this announcement "UN CAFÉ RARE !" she wanted to go in. 
It is our neighborhood café, an authentic Parisian café-tabac near métro Etienne Marcel, across from "Tour Jean Sans Peur". 
It is not a hip kind of café but its cosy, and we like having our morning café at Le Saint-Amour. 

When I was having a café with Annie, I heard the patron, Mr. Lenoir telling other customers that his fruit jams are all homemade. So I went back the next day with J.Y to have a breakfast of toast with good homemade jams. 

"Maître de Chai" (Master of Wine maker) 
a plaque you see on the wall of Café Le Saint-Amour.

As we were lingering over breakfast, Mr. Lenoir became quite busy preparing lunch, chopping onions, peeling garlic, etc...

So we began to talk about his cooking, and Mr. Lenoir told us proudly "Today, I am cooking monkfish, it is the best kind! I only cook with fresh products!".
Then he invited us to see the nice little kitchen, and even after breakfast the fish seemed very appetizing.
It's rare that a "chef" shows you the kitchen and all the fresh ingredients (a lot of restaurants use ready-made food), so this made us come back for lunch...

Mr. Lenoir is well versed in gastronomy, he recomanded us to try the homemade terrines, they were quite succulent!
The monkfish was delicious also, cooked just right and served with flavored Thai rice.
The foods were generously served so we had no space for a homemade tarte! 
Voilà, if you want to eat a quality lunch, you can go to café Le Saint-Amour!   

Noisette alone...

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