l'assiette restaurant by Yukié Matsushtia 
Many thanks to Gabrielle, who transformed her little red restaurant L'assiette into a little cute boutique this weekend. 

Gabrielle served hot red wine, café, homemade goat cheese sable biscuits, chocolate cake, guimauves, fruite jelly candies, etc, generously to anyone who came in. 

Restaurant l'assiette is located at the north of Sacré Cœur. 
78 rue Labat, 75018 Paris. The neighborhood is like a village. Everyone (neighbors, friends and tourists) who came to the "Vente de Noël" was so  friendly and was in a good mood. 

After the "Vente de Noël", we had a delicious Ukrainian dinner cooked by Gabrielle and her husband Valentin.

angel by Yukié Matsushita

The angel mobile made by Gabrielle's sister hanging in the window. 

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